After studying classical secondary school, modern letters I chose to guide my teaching within the artistic community by integrating French cinema, assistant director, section Conservatory in Paris and the Ecole des Beaux arts de Beauvais.
I worked several years later in the field of advertising as an assistant director.

Then I left install me in French Polynesia in 1991.
As a first step, I have collaborated with an advertising agency (composition of scenarios), writing news articles and news publication.

My job as a sculptor is fed since childhood of the same passion and it is through writing it had made its momentum, by research and reflection on the oral transmission of preliterate peoples.

So I developed a job close to abstraction form sculptures murals or Totem since I exercise the profession of sculptor full-time and my job is oriented on the trace, the sign in the close connection which unites us to the subject, my support today is almost exclusively mineral.

Luco Cormerais