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If silence and oblivion characterize the mineral world, such as to inform us that there time filed where illusory speed of action seems abolished, a meditative time in the wake of a precipitous humanity, then stone symbolizes and pointed out this discrepancy between knowledge and knowledge, and appear to be.

Our relationship to the universe and therefore our origins is the close link that unites us to the subject matter and unstable balance we depend on.

Questioned matter interrogate our origins and the Act of observation, collection, and to do so under the action of the tool in thinking, translator part jointly introspective dimension and its issues.
Same path stone symbolizes the challenge of a lifetime. Our consciousness expanded to paths of knowledge reminds us that stone, without announcing it has witnessed the birth of humanity.

When I established the identification of a stone, consecutive to its levy Act I him put in a conscious reality value of testimony.

Luco Cormerais


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